On this page you can find the required data and information for your participation in the LYLO project.


  • Download and unzip the READERPACK. Once you unzipped the file you should have a folder called readerpack containing (1) the ACCURATE tool; (2) two movies showing how to use the accurate tool; (3) an instruction file on how to use the LifeXsoft tool; (4) a doc-file indicating data assigned to each group; (5) a file indicating which observers are assigned to which group; (6) the excel sheet to report your scores and findings.

  • The are 3 datasets, called GROUP1, GROUP2 and GROUP3. Datasets are zipped. Download the dataset that is applicable for you to analyse, i.e., conform your group assignment. Unzip. You should now have a folder called group1, group2 or group3. Within this folder, there are subfolders, one for each patient scan to be analysed. Within the patientfolder you will find so-called project files (to be used with the ACCURATE tool) and folders called PET and CT. These 2 folders contain the DICOM data to be used with LifeXsoft.

  • In case you want to use the LifeXsoft tool than please download the tool here. You need to login into the LIFEx website first. The ACCURATE tool is already available within the readpack folder.

If you have any problems downloading the readerpack or datasets, please send me an email: r.boellaard@amsterdamumc.nl

Thank you very much for your participation,

Ronald Boellaard, Irene Buvat, Michel Meignan and Sally Barrington.