PETRA database

The PETRA database is a comprehensive and unique shared database of individual patient data (IPD) of lymphoma patients. The database was initially established to validate interim [18F]FDG PET as a biomarker of response for non-Hodgkin lymphoma. For this purpose we retrospectively collected data from 9 international studygroups and harmonized them.


All collected scans are stored in XNAT, an online database that is hosted by Health-RI

  • ~2000 baseline [18F]FDG PET scans

  • ~2000 interim [18F]FDG PET scans

  • ~1000 End of Treatment [18F]FDG PET scans

Clinical data

Besides scans, we also collected clinical data from each patient enrolled in the studies. This data is stored in cBioPortal

  • Patient characteristics

  • PET scan information

  • Treatment parameters