Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) is a heterogeneous entity, with patients exhibiting a wide range of outcomes. Pre-therapeutic stratification is important because patients who are R-CHOP refractory have a very poor prognosis. Patients with poor prognostic characteristics should be offered first-line treatment with new targeted drugs in addition to R-CHOP. However, identification of poor responders is not possible with the Revised-International-Prognostic-Index(R-IPI) or IPI risk scores. Radiomics-analysis on [18]FDG-PET provides semi-quantitative features of tumor characteristics as intensity, shape, volume, localization and texture. Importantly, this [18]FDG-PET radiomics approach permits in-depth whole-body intra- and inter-tumor analyses, which is advantageous to histology analyses, which are typically based on a single biopsied lesion. Recent data suggest that radiomics features carry prognostic information in addition to clinical and genetic information


  • To identify potential prognostically relevant image characteristics for DLBCL patients

  • To assess the sensitivity of image characteristics to the variability of image quality

  • To assess the repeatability and reproducibility of the potential prognostically relevant image characteristics

  • To develop a prognostic model to predict 2 years of progression free survival in DLBCL patients

  • To assess the potential added prognostic significance of genomic

  • To clinically validate the prognostic model using the other clinical studies of the PETRA database


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